Multiple Choice is an artist initiative, meant to be in constant flux, always changing its function. We make multiple things including, but certainly not limited to exhibitions, workshops, think tanks, collections, books, and multiples. Multiple Choice has been primarily focused on producing multiples that fit perfectly into an A4 sized cardboard box. In 2015, since being founded by Rumiko Hagiwara, Dina Danish Jean-Baptiste Maitre, multiples have been made by both Multiple Choice as well as by other artists that we commission.

Co-directors: Rumiko Hagiwara, Dina Danish and Bea McMahon.

As Multiple Choice has taken the decision to start introducing itself as “I” rather than as “WE”, I have created an entire font based on the letter “I”. With this new resolution, Multiple Choice presents for Art Oost its font in the form of an inflatable made with the letter “I”. Meant as a representative container for multiples, the inflatable promises alphabetical utopia. Presenting the large inflatable that is believed to be topologically equivalent to my manifesto, the inflatable evokes the sound of “I” in Japanese as love. Out of the back of Rosa Johanna’s parent’s blue car, using a custom-built fan that sounds out “I”, the color of “I” inflates towards the green of a yew tree. The inflatable “I” travels to the various sites of Art Oost. p.s. Letters in the Irish alphabet correspond to tree species and “I” is Ioga which is the lovely yew tree

Multiple Choice is in a preparation of multiple #4: The Great Rolled Food Cookbook! 

Share with Multiple Choice your favorite rolled food recipe and contribute to the making of our cookbook.

During Art Oost, you can share your recipes in person using our A4 forms available next to Rosa’s blue car. Alternatively, you can also share them online here.